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Who am I?

In the summer of 2013 I’ve done my first web-site. I created my own design in Wordpress. I really liked what I’ve done, and when my friends saw my project - they started to recommend me as a web developer. I realized that it's my dream job. I decided to level up my expertise so I took web development and design courses and luckily passed it. Soon I began to carry out more interesting projects, you will them see on that page. 

Artem Khasanov
WordPress Designer & Developer

Here are 12 reasons to hire me!

Full service

From concept and design to typesetting and optimization

4 years of experience

A lot of work experience and many satisfied customers

It's my passion

Work on the conscience. No carless and bad contents. I love what I do and it guarantees good results

Less than 10 days

That is how much time it takes me to create most of the projects

Easy to start

No complications with the site, everything is simple.

I'm with you

You can message or call me anytime whenever you encounter problems.
I won't run. On-line 24/7

No misunderstanding

Implementation of the tasks will always be based on your goals, not my assumptions!


A site will work on CMS Wordpress, it has a lot of pluses

Fast communication 

Direct communication within 15 minutes, I am ready to solve almost all of your problem

No overpayment

Who needs empty overpayment?
You do not need to pay as working without the employee and the office

Easy to edit

You can easily change the content after the creation of the site, as in Microsoft Word!

Love forever

My advice and support after implementation, you will always be my client


My work is my mark on the world, my dent in the universe, and here's where I share it with you.


I am driven to create experiences that deliver results for your business
and for your consumers. In short - I create solutions for any problem
or opportunity, no matter how impossible.


Your brand is important. I help companies make connections with consumers and craft a unified language to tell your story.


I conceptualize and prototype design solutions that align with specific business objectives.
I design intuitive interfaces for web platforms based on human behavior.


Bring your vision to life. I build responsive Websites, e-Commerce site, and mobile
and Web Apps using Wordpress.

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Let's discuss your web–site without obligation.